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DiSC Profiles, Learning Materials, & Training

DiSC profiles at Performance TrainingDiSC profiles help employees understand themselves and how to work effectively with others. DiSC assessments instill self confidence, identify communication liabilities, and build cooperation. The new DiSC profiles offer many options to focus on specific work roles and applications. Performance Training Corporation, can help you select the right DiSC report for your organization. DISC Profiles

Communications Training - Interpersonal Skills

Team-Cheering1Use our Communication Feedback: Know Thyself workshop to improve communications across work units, within teams, and with your customers. An exceptional learning opportunity, thousands of learners have attended this program. Build lasting skills for employees at all levels with performance based training. Communications Training

Team Building & Development

New Team PhotoCustomized training and work sessions develop your team members in an efficient and effective way.  Performance Training can provide confidential interviews, diagnostic assessments, skill development, and individual coaching.  We know your team is unique and we will treat it that way.  Team Services for new, old, great or struggling teams.

Partnering Facilitation

Partnering Facilitators Support Construction Project Success. Contact us.Help your project finish smoothly, on time, and within budget by implementing team partnering.  Establish steps that will help key project personnel mitigate problems, communicate effectively, and work well across organizations. Use our partnering facilitation expertise to start and end your project with smiles all around! Partnering Facilitation


Coaching ImageIndividual coaching is provided by Performance Training as part of consulting projects, as a companion to our communication workshops, or as a separate service.  Private, individual coaching can help establish more appropriate communication skills for employess who are committed to tacking this concern. Coaching



Welcome to the Performance Training web site. If you’re looking for experienced facilitators and training experts, please send a request.

You can count on us to provide in-depth learning resources. We offer a wide range of services to improve teamwork, overcome communication challenges, and partner construction projects. Let’s get started!

What’s New?
Upcoming “Communication Feedback: Know Thyself,” at Mountain States Employers Council November 10-11, 2015.

What Have You Learned Today? Practical tips and insights to develop employees, manage effectively, and retain staff plus a few personal life stories at Kaye’s blog.

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