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What have you learned today?


Communication Feedback: Know Thyself
Customized training workshop

Team-Cheering1Build communication skills that everyone needs and that apply to any job that requires dealing with people. Learn how to interact effectively with people whose work style is different from yours. During this workshop, you will learn about your own communication style including strengths you can build on and specific growth areas. This program works well as an open enrollment format or for intact work groups.

  • An in-depth look at yourself, including a diagnostic assessment of your strengths and growth areas.
  • Highly interactive learning approach makes learning fun, useful, and personal.
  • Practical content that’s immediately useful and long lasting.
  • Customized content to each client’s needs
What Do You Get?

A personalized, DISC® personality profile* based on feedback from the learner and five other people is a pivotal part of this training.  This report is used to help you determine whether other people view you in the same way you see yourself.  This computer generated report is a powerful resource which stimulates self awareness and enhances long term career development.

  • Gain tolerance of others’ style and methods
  • Increase your capacity to adapt to other people
  • Develop insight about yourself and how others view you
  • Improve teamwork and group cohesiveness
  • Decrease interpersonal conflict and personality clashess.

*Alternative DiSC profiles are also available that focus on the general workplace, managers, or leaders.  These are self scoring and may be completed online.  Performance Training can provide samples and help you select the best format for your group.

Professional Instruction

Kaye Sullivan, instructor, offers a sensitive approach to help participants take an in-depth look at themselves and become aware of new choices for growth.  You will benefit from Kaye’s useful feedback and extensive knowledge of the personality types.  Read more about Kaye’s background.  About us.

Offered on an in-house basis and customized to each client.  Normally taught as a two day workshop, the schedule can be adapted in length and content to your specific needs.

Blogs About DiSC Applications
Keep your learning fresh ... it’s free

Wordpress Try 2Visit our sister site on Wordpress where you can read free blogs from over twenty years of teaching DiSC.  Practical advice and answers to questions.  Join the conversation.

“What Did You Learn Today?”
Blog by Kaye Sullivan

For further information, please call Kaye Sullivan at 303-526-2370 or send questions via email to




What is DiSC® ?
DiSC_CircleDiSC represents four personality types:
D = Dominance
I = Influence
S = Steadiness
C = Conscientiousness

DiSC® based learning assessments and training materials help employees understand their own personality and how to effectively relate to others.

Additional DiSC Profiles
A variety of assessments are available. Your training and your profiles can be tailored to managers, leaders, sales, or the general workforce. Online survey centers make completing the survey a 24/7 process.  Performance Training can help you select the appropriate profile for your group.

Authorized Distributor
Kaye Sullivan, Owner of Performance Training Corporation is an authorized distributor of Inscape Publishing profiles and learning materials.

DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.

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