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Team Development Resources

New Team PhotoTime to re-new your team’s vision?  Is your team struggling with communication or trust issues? Perhaps your team is ramping up for new challenges. Smart teams look forward and improve their capabilities. Performance Training can provide a structured approach to effectively re-new teamwork.

Use a professional facilitated approach to:

  • unify your team’s current vision
  • assure communication linkages
  • reaffirm relationships among team members
  • build trust and rapport

Customized training and work sessions develop your team members in an efficient and effective way.  Performance Training can provide confidential interviews, diagnostic assessments, skill development, and individual coaching.  We know your team is unique and we will treat it that way.

Learn More About Our Team Resources

For teams seeking a DiSC profiles and training for your team, please refer to Team DiSC

If your team needs  comprehensive diagnostics, in-depth consultation, and/or a customized development proposal, please read more about the Sullivan Team Development System.

When to Focus on Teamwork

A “triggering event” or call to action could come from many circumstances including:

  • re-organization
  • product changes
  • new business partners
  • new customers
  • communication breakdown
  • productivity concerns
  • unexpected complaints
  • leadership changes
What Next?

Take action before small problems become big issues.  Teamwork isn’t magic.  It requires commitment and focus.  Performance Training can help your team develop a new direction, rekindle trust, and establish clear parameters.

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We offer a wide range of learning services to address skill gaps, improve teamwork, overcome communication challenges, and handle performance issues. Let’s get started today.

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