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DiSC Training For Teams
Great training for great teams

MP900411830Training your team together is the optimal way to instill effective group dynamics, foster change, and increase respect for each other. The DiSC personality assessments offer a core building block for addressing tough issues and streamlining interfaces.

Customized training means your team can spend learning time on the topics of greatest concern to you. Accelerate your team’s ability to work together and learn how to leverage your team’s persona with customers, vendors, and other departments.

Many situations can be addressed with this training: reorganized teams, new teams, cross-functional teams, project teams, and struggling teams. Most of our clients are good teams who are on the way to becoming great teams!

What Do You Get?

DiSC Survey Options. DiSC surveys come in many formats: online surveys, paper surveys, and surveys with others’ feedback are some of the choices.  We will help you select an approach that fits your team.

Expert training, facilitation, and knowledge.  Performance Training’s staff has over twenty five years experience working with teams of all kinds.  Our research and study of teams includes many models and applications.

Multiple applications.  Many clients want to address external relationships (customers, vendors, other functions) as well as internal ones.  The DiSC model is readily applied to many relationships.

Time for a review?  Prior DiSC users will find new applications for your current work group and an opportunity to set new development goals.

Additional Choices

If your team needs to work on your overall vision, 2013 goals, defining responsibilities, and/or communication processes, these topics can be woven into your team training plan.  The agenda is customized to YOUR team and learning goals.

What Next?

Your team is unique and the DiSC training will be adapted accordingly.  A comprehensive proposal including a customized agenda, sample reports, and costs will be provided.  Let’s talk about your team’s needs and determine if DiSC training is the answer you need.

Call 303-204-5790 or email: to contact Kaye Sullivan, President of Performance Training Corporation and DiSC facilitator.











What is DiSC® ?
DiSC_CircleDiSC represents four personality types:
D = Dominance
I = Influence
S = Steadiness
C = Conscientiousness

DiSC® based learning assessments and training materials help employees understand their own personality and how to effectively relate to others.

Additional DiSC Profiles
A variety of assessments are available. Your training and your profiles can be tailored to managers, leaders, sales, or the general workforce. Online survey centers make completing the survey a 24/7 process.  Performance Training can help you select the appropriate profile for your group.

Authorized Distributor
Kaye Sullivan, Owner of Performance Training Corporation is an authorized distributor of Inscape Publishing profiles and learning materials.

DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.



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