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Partnering Facilitation

Partnering BossPartnering builds the people side of projects.  Partnered projects offer substantial improvements in safety, schedule, quality, and financial management.  Why?  Simply put, partnering provides a common platform to unite, sustain, and improve how people work together toward a shared goal.

Most people know the opposite of partnering: bickering, schedule slippage, wasteful rework, cost overruns, legal hassles, and perhaps most painful, resenting a project rather than feeling proud of one’s work.  No one likes a job that is continually stressful and demoralizing.

Partnering Fundamentals

Performance Training provides a powerful process that improves human performance while focusing on project fundamentals.  These project fundamentals include:

  • Rules of the road
  • Shared mission/vision statement
  • Critical success factors
  • Action planning that coordinates the project
  • Decision making and problem solving escalation procedures
  • Partnering follow-up throughout the project
Early On Fast Start

Partnering GalProjects benefit when partnering is instilled early on.  An investment of meeting time with a structured process results in a fast start that accelerates project team effectiveness from the beginning.  Early partnering enables people to meet key project personnel, develop rapport with their counterparts, and gain understanding of the organizations involved.

Sustaining Partnering

It is not enough to establish partnering …it must be sustained. Projects are subject to stress the same way people are.  The longer a project runs, the more wear and tear it suffers.  Periodically, it is important to rejuvenate the project and its people with follow-up partnering sessions.  The purposes of these follow-up sessions are three fold:

  • To insure that there are no issues unresolved.
  • To learn new methods for improving working relationships and rejuvenating teamwork.
  • To anticipate and resolve potential problems before they become significant

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Hand-shakePerformance Training provides a project specific approach for each client.  From the beginning to the end of the project, partnering is instilled as a means for all partners to gain the best teamwork, communications, and decision making. If you are seeking a top notch facilitator, have people problems on your project, or need your team performance to improve:

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Jay Sullivan, PhD and Kaye Sullivan, MA, owners of Performance Training Corporation, have facilitated partnering since 1988 from the local to the national level.  Our facilitators have extensive experience in team training, meeting management, communication skill development, and problem resolution.

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