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DiSC® Profiles and Training Resources

Buy DiSC Profiles & Materials
Manager, sales, employee specific profiles

Buy DiSC profiles and support materials for your training programs.  Check out new Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile, Workplace profiles, DISC360, and more by clicking the link for our many DiSC resources.  Use training resources that have stood the test of time.  Buy DiSC Profiles.


In-house DiSC Workshops
Customized learning for all employees

Give your employees the best training and personality assessments.  Help employees at all levels grow their communication and relationships skills. We offer a variety of assessments to match your learning goals. Your learners will benefit from our in-depth experience working with personality assessments, communications, and teams. Customized to your organization and group.  Read more.


Team DiSC Training
New Teams, Re-energizing Teams, Cross Functional Teams

Apply the power of customized DiSC® training to help your team advance.  The new online personality reports combined with Performance Training’s top notch facilitation will re-new your team for today’s workplace challenges. Team DiSC training improves communications, integrates work relationships, minimizes stress, and expedites decision making.  Help your team interact at its optimal level with skills that stretch across teams and organizations.  Visit Team DiSC for details.


Blogs About DiSC Applications
Keep your learning fresh ... it’s free

Visit our sister site on Wordpress where you can read free articles and blogs from over twenty years of teaching DiSC.  Practical advice and answers to questions.  You can add your comments or request other topics.  Join the conversation.  Easy reading and great advice.

What Did You Learn Today?
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What is DiSC® ?
DiSC_CircleDiSC represents four personality types:
D = Dominance
I = Influence
S = Steadiness
C = Conscientiousness

DiSC® based learning assessments and training materials help employees understand their own personality and how to effectively relate to others.

Additional DiSC Profiles
A variety of assessments are available. Your training and your profiles can be tailored to managers, leaders, sales, or the general workforce. Online survey centers make completing the survey a 24/7 process.  Performance Training can help you select the appropriate profile for your group.

Authorized Distributor
Kaye Sullivan, Owner of Performance Training Corporation is an authorized partner of Wiley and Sons’ profiles and learning materials.

DiSC® is a registered trademark of Inscape Publishing, Inc.

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