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What have you learned today?

Coaching For Individuals and Teams

Coaching ImageHelp employees improve their communications, interactions, and self awareness with coaching from Kaye Sullivan, M. A.  Performance Training offers individual coaching as a companion to our communication workshops, our consulting projects, or as a separate service.

Kaye’s coaching focuses on employees who seek to improve their work communications and interpersonal skills.  Many professional shine in their field of expertise but struggle with their people connections. If the gap is too great, promising careers are sidetracked, coworkers complain, customers take their business elsewhere, and frustration accelerates for the employee and organization alike.

Results of Coaching

Private, individual coaching can help establsih more appropriate communication skills for employees who are committed to tackling this concern. PerformanceTraining’s staff offer an extensive array of skill building techniques to help employees channel their performance to more successful outcomes.

The ultimate results of successful coaching can be many. The employee feels better about himself resulting in more focused, positive work output. Coworkers, customers, and superiors want to work with the individual instead of trying to work around him or her. Organizations save talented staff members and the staggering costs of replacement, as much as 150% of the employee’s salary.

Typical Coaching Process

Each individual’s concerns are just that ... individual! Therefore, successful coaching depends on responding to the unique and specific circumstances of each person. Performance Training’s coaching approach is to develop an action plan including specific steps for each client. To view at a typical cycle of coaching, please click the link.

What Next?

Contact Performance Training for a confidential discussion of the situation and your concerns. If we are a match to your needs, we will work out specific arrangements to work with you. Coaching is very individual and we provide a customized response to each client. Rest assured that all coaching is handled confidentially with the highest respect for each client.

Please call today to discuss your coaching needs at 303-204-5790 or contact us.



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Please call 303-526-2370 or send a request via email concerning your coaching needs or questions.

”When To Coach Instead of Train”, blog by Kaye Sullivan offers tips on when individual coaching can be more effective than training. Select the appropriate resource to address employee performance and career needs.

“What Did You Learn Today?” Practical tips and insights to develop employees, manage effectively, and retain staff plus a few personal life stories.

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