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Overview of Articles
Free articles on communications, DiSC, teamwork, partnering, and training are available at our sister blog site:

“What Did You Learn Today?”

Articles By Category
DiSC Communications and Relationships

   “Which DiSC Profile Should You Use?”

   “Know Thyself: - 5 Keys to Improved Communications”

   “Boss Clashes: How to Survive Personality Differences”

   “Use the DiSC Model to Stretch Your Team”

   “Supporting Your Team’s Minority DiSC Style”

   “Using DiSC to Help Teams Manage Stress”

   “Staying the Course of Personal Change”

   “How to Communicate With People Who are Rigid, Dogmatic, and Inflexible”

Training and Employee Development

    “Butts In Chairs - Time To Get Employees Back In The Classroom”

    “Training and Change - Why Is It So Hard?”

    “Make Your Training Count! Post Workshop Checklist”

     “1% Solution - Achievable Improvement Approach”

     “On-the-Job Training: Anyone Can Do It, Or Can They?”

    “Pre and Post Training Checklist for Bosses”

     “Smart Ways To Deploy A Limited Training Budget”

    “Mentors: Increase the Benefits By Sponsoring an In-House Program”

Partnering Articles

   “Why Partnering Benefits From Third Party Facilitators”

   “Early Warning Systems: How Partnering Keeps Projects on Track”

    “Partnering: Managing Problems Through Teamwork”

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With over thirty years in the training business, you can count on Performance Training to provide in-depth learning resources. We offer a wide range of learning services to improve teamwork, overcome communication challenges, and partner construction projects. Let’s get started!

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Upcoming “Communication Feedback: Know Thyself Workshop”

New DiSC profiles from Inscape Publishing. 

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What Did You Learn Today?

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